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For several years, guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte had intended to found a hard rock project with musician friends which was to focus on hard-rocking music in the spirit of the 70s / 80s, accompanied by profound lyrics. Over the years, promising riffs, lyrics and whole songs began to materialize. After a year-long recovery phase from an illness, Andy played his first demo recordings to his friend Matt Brand, who with his background as a musician, producer and label manager showed full support for Andy's ambitions.

In 2015, German prog drummer Benjamin Mann became part of the band, and the band name RAINFORCE with its accompanying logo was created by the Australian graphic artist and drummer legend Jayson Sherlock. The CD recordings began in February 2016 and the search for the principal lead singer was remarkably short: when the band heard Jordan Cutajar’s test version of "Feed Me", Andy, Matt and Beni knew they had found the perfect singer for RAINFORCE.


Nonetheless, as RAINFORCE had been conceived as a project with an open door for great talent, both esteemed musician friends and several idols of Andy’s formative years were invited to add their skills to the roaring albums we now proudly present: Lion’s Den (CD) and Rock And Roll (EP).


While RAINFORCE’s music was conceived to rock out to, Andy's delicate lyrics reflect his faith and his questions about life, inviting the listener to look into his or her own heart and ponder on things

beyond the imminent.



Live Line-up from 2018 / Official Line-up from 2021:

Jordan Cutajar - lead vocals

Michael Piranio - guitar

Andy La Morte - guitar

Jan Thomas - bass

Benjamin Mann - drums







Studio Line-up (2016 - 2020):

Jordan Cutajar - lead vocals

Andy La Morte - guitars, songwriter

Matt Brand  - bass, producer

Benjamin Mann - drums, keyboards

List of special guests



Jonas Ambühl (Gomorra) - lead vocals

Mätthu Dätwyler (Green Labyrinth) - drums at RbR-Festival 2019

In Good Hands (single):

Herbie Langhans (Radiant, Avantasia, and more) - lead vocals

Rock And Roll (EP):

Marc Burgherr - additional guitars on "Rock And Roll"

Michael Piranio (Whysmansa!d) - lead & solo guitar on "Stay Strong"

Oliver Schneider - solo guitar on "In Good Hands", keyboard on "Stay Strong"

Lion's Den (CD):

Rex Carroll (Whitecross) - guitar solo on "I Am Yours"

Jim La Verde (Barren Cross) - bass on "Desert Sand"

Rex D. Scott (X-Sinner, GX) - add. lead vocals on "My Rock"

Kevin Wright (Jacob's Dream) - add. lead vocals on "Shine A Light"

Philipp Rölli (High\Low City) - backing vocals, add. lead vocals on "Shine A Light"

Oliver Schneider (Pÿlon, Exile Rd) - guitar solo on "He Came..."

Hämu Plüss (Bluesaholics) - guitar solo on "New Jerusalem"

Philippe "The Greis" Kreis (ex-Disobedience) - growls & backing vocals on "The Gods..."

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