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Rock And Roll


The Unseen Power was my Wake-Up Call

Sister Moon followed the Mountain Mama

I was In The Kingdom in the Alien Nation

And then I took This Flight Tonight


The world around us

Is Constantly Changing

But really good songs

Stay really good songs

Some things never came to an end

My faith in Christ and my love for



I heard Steve shout: this is Brutal Warfare

Saw The War That Plagues The Lands

With Deborah And Barak on my Metal Crusade

When Curiosity Killed The Cat


Behold A Pale Horse, In A World Alone

I found Sanctuary at The Bleeding Tree

Always closed my ears, when people said:

Hey Stoopid! Don’t listen to that Trash!

In Good Hands


I wake up every morning

A brand new day waits to come

No matter what that day may brings

You are by my side


You are my reality

Like every breath I take

Your spirit is guiding me

And I trust in you.


You are there when I give my best

And you are with me, when I fail.

My hopes, my fears, I throw on you.

You are by my side.


I shout it out

As loud as I can

My life is in good good hands!

Let’s shout it out

Let’s sing about

God guides us with good good hands.


 Lord you know, it’s not all perfect.

You know ev’ry shading of my life.

But when I’m weak, you are strong.

You are by my side


Heaven and earth will melt

Thunder and lightning, fire and ice

The one thing I can always trust:

You are by my side.



Stay Strong


Most of the time life feels not perfect

Almost everything is out of control

The days run fast and furious

Be part of the game, or you will fail

And when the storm is over

The next will follow for sure

Sleepless nights, heavy burdens

And money is not for free


It is no sign of weakness

When we bow our heads

It is no sign of weakness

When we kneel and pray


Stay strong

You never walk alone

Don’t fear the world

The Lord is marching along

Stay strong


Don’t let yourself be blind to the truth

Jesus is just a prayer away.

Take the chance, stand on the rock

That’s no bad idea for sure


He is the power you need

For your daily work

He is the courage you need

If you use it

He is the wisdom you get

For your decisions

He is the mighty watchman

When you need shelter



The Lost Sheep


A shepherd counted all his sheep

By the last light of the day.

One by one, he knows their names,

And they listen to his voice.


Suddenly he realized

That there was something wrong.

A little sheep has not come home

One of his sheeps is lost.


The little sheep had gone away

As the sun stood high

The curious sheep discovered

Exciting places to stay


The good shepherd wouldn’t rest

Until his lost sheep was found.

He walked through ev’ry danger zone

And nothing would stop him

Calling the lost sheep by its name


The sheep can’t find the way back home

Through the darkness of the night.

Dark shadows and glowing eyes

The sheep began to run


Suddenly the sheep did stumble

Hurt its legs and suffered pain

But a voice was heard from afar

At least rescue approached


Lion‘s Den


We are living in a lion’s den


Watch out! Don’t sleep!

Don’t forget the words our Savour said

Please do not let your heart grow cold

Prove yourself with the help of Jesus


Abide by the word of the Lord

Read in his words

Speak to him everyday

Let him guide your way


Lion‘s Den – Lion‘s Den

The world is like a lion‘s den

Lion‘s Den – Lion‘s Den

We are living in a lion‘s den


When your heart grows cold

Or if you think you could save yourself

The devil finds a backdoor

and burrows in your soul


We are strangers in this world

In danger of being eaten

But as Daniel in the Lion‘s Den

The mighty God is by our side!

My Rock


These are my words

From the depth of my heart

I wanna shout them out

`cause it’s the best I can do


I am the chosen one

Loved by my lord

And I will never walk

My path alone


My Rock

(You are) – My Rock


I like the music loud

I like the music fast

Sometimes I’m crazy

And sometimes I go mad


But I’ll never forget

What you’ve done for me

You are my master

The center of my life.


This is my creed – my inner wish

This is my destiny

This is my creed – my inner wish

My way to go

Feed Me (I’m Hungry)


The world tells us what we have to do

To live a life in joy

Look at the papers, watch t.v.

And you know what I mean

But at the end of the day

Which of all these things can save?

There is no life, there is no hope

In all those earthly things.


But I want to make a difference


Feed me – I’m hungry

Feed me – I’m thirsty

Feed me with the bread of life


Feed me – I’m hungry

Feed me – I’m thirsty

I long to drink from the living water


The bible says you are the way

That leads us to eternity

You are the bread, the water to drink

And you know what we need.

But we are looking for satisfaction

Everywhere we can

‘cause we are all still hungry

But we have forgotten your promises.

I Am Yours


Since the day I was born

There was music in my life

Even as a young boy

I sat in front of the stereo


Then I grew up to discover

All those howling guitars

I was fascinated

And something happened in me


The dream arose to do the same

With a guitar in my hands


Teach me lord, everyday

I am yours

Be my guide, everyday

You gave me a dream

You let me play


For 15 years I lived my dream

And play in different bands

Still wondering what’s going on

I must be a blessed man.


In my heart there is a wish

To play loud for the Lord

Preaching out the gospel

With electric guitars


Now here I am to rock the world

Until you make my fingers rest

New Jerusalem


We are living in a world of pain

War and money reign the earth

We are living in a world where

Religion is just a reason to kill


What’s the way I want to go?

What’s the promise I want to know?


New Jerusalem

City of purest gold

New Jerusalem

Where men and angels

Praise your name


We are living in a world of rulers

Who do not ask for morality

We are living in a world where

The Son of God still lies in his grave.

Desert Sand


Sometimes life feels like L.A.

Earthquakes shake me up

I feel the rush and I can’t sleep

No quiet times at all


And sometimes it’s like Death Valley

Emptiness and pain

But always knowing, there is a God

Who will not let me go


Walking through the desert sand

The long way to the top

Walking with you hand in hand

And never going to stop


Sometimes life feels like New York

Rushing ‚round ev’ry day and night

Or life is like big Hollywood

There’s no knowing what’s wrong or right


Troubles higher, than Rocky mountains

Without any chance to climb

And weakness covers me strong

But I’m never left alone


Walking through the desert of life

Side by side with my Saviour.

And when I’m thirsty and when I’m weak

He will guid me home.

The Gods Have Failed


These gods have many names

But all are cold and dead

Even worshipped by millions

Just like the Golden Calf


These gods have failed

Their temples are destroyed

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

The gods have failed

The temples are destroyed

Melted and

Rusted in peace


They are man-made gods

Without the breath of life

Rusting, melting, breaking

And not givers of hope


Not one of them can save

Not one of them gives love

And not one of all those gods

Gave his son to die for you


Your gods have failed

He Came To Set The Captives Free


You heard that story from this ancient book

Of a man like me and you.

But He was more than just a man

The Son of God, the promised one


Tell him your story, tell him your life

Tell him your troubles, he never fails you.

This is your chance for freedom inside

This is your chance to follow this guide


He came to set the captives free

He died and rose for you and me

He broke the chains to set you free

Let him be your destiny


You have your stance on life and death

Or church keeps disappointing you

You are through with religious things

But deep inside you are seeking the truth


My God reigns over all religions

My God is more than just a word

My God has made earth, wind and fire

And he’s the water of life

That sets us free.

Shine A Light


When you’re lost in troubled times

When pure madness blocks your way

When you feel nothing but pain

One light still shines on you


When you look back to a rainy day

Only sorrow fills your life

When you’re tired and broken now

One light still shines on you


When your world is shaken up

All is lost and all is gone

When you miss a helping hand

One light still shines on you


Take this hand you can take

Let your soul sink into His love

Take a step out of the dark

Into the light that shines for you.


Close your eyes and bend your knees

Say a prayer, weep out your pain

Let your cold heart warm up here

With the light that shines for you.


There‘s a God - not just empty words

He is always there for you

He’s the one so full of love

He’s the light that shines for you.

Bring Back Christmas


It’s time to remember what the Good Book tells:

Redemption was not sent with tinkling bells

So weak in a cradle, in plain cloth furled

A present from heaven to a fallen world.


But now it’s just a night when broken hearts bleed

And in this silence lost souls cry out.

Over here, the party rages as we overfeed

on cake and wine and gifts no one really needs.


Where are the angels singing Your truth?

Where are the poor who can laugh in happiness?

I pray for wise men who can read your signs.


Where are the angels singing Your truth?

Where are the mighty who laugh with the youth?

Let me be a wise man who knows Your signs.


Lord bring back Christmas

To the world of today

Lord bring back Christmas

To the whole world today

Anker Lyrics
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