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Our gig @ HeavySanctum is canceled due to covid -

but don't worry: the `force is marching on!

































Live line-up for the Swiss shows 2020:

Jonas Ambühl - lead vocals

Michael Piranio - guitar

Andy La Morte - guitar

Jan Thomas - bass

Benjamin Mann - drums




















Rainforce live line-up: singer announcement


Due to previous engagements, our lead singer, Jordan Cutajar, will not be able to travel and play Rainforce concerts outside of his homeland Malta this year.

So, we felt we had three options:

a) staying at home and writing new songs, or

b) playing gigs in Malta, or

c) searching for an additional singer who can help us out at the occasional concerts.


Well, we’ve chosen ALL of them:

a) Andy is working on new demo songs with Ano. (Admittedly, this isn’t ground-breaking news as Andy always has ideas for new song, haha).

b) We are really looking forward to our first gig on the beautiful island of Malta later this year. More information t.b.a.

c) But we are also happy to announce that we found an additional lead singer who enables us to continue playing gigs in and around Switzerland this year: We introduce Jonas Ambühl as the temporary vocalist in Rainforce! Jonas, of course, is the lead singer of the Swiss heavy metal flagship Gomorra and we want to send a huge “thank you” & “cheers” to Gomorra for lending us their awesome frontman!

Let’s welcome Jonas Ambühl to the pack!


Don’t worry, this is not a replacement of lead singers. But this is an awesome option to keep Rainforce a-LIVE and rocking, and Jordan has given his blessing to this interim solution.


Rainforce started as a studio project with many guest musicians.

And it seems the band works the same way in the live sector now.

New digital single scheduled for November 1st, 2019

We feel honoured to join forces with another great singer for a special release for our next single

this autumn. We will be releasing an alternate version of our song „In Good Hands“, originally

track no. 2 on our current EP „Rock And Roll“. But as mentioned, this is gonna be a “special“ release.

We are proud to announce that probably one of the Germany’s most wanted rock singer today

will perform this song in his very own version: Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a shout out to 

Herbie Langhans (RadiantAvantasiaVOODOO CIRCLE, Ex-Seventh Avenue, and many more) for our upcoming collaboration called RAINFORCE feat. Herbie Langhans – IN GOOD HANDS!
Let’s rock and roll!!!


































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