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New single "MARCH OF THE SAINTS" out now!!!

This is an unconventional song which came about in unconventional times.

With the new single, MARCH OF THE SAINTS, the Swiss hard rockers Rainforce are releasing a miniature rock opera. Throughout its three acts (Act I: The Awakening / Act II: The Retrospection / Act III: The Realization), the listener is dragged along through the narrator’s personal nightmare which allows for no escape. Starting off with a single man’s triumphant voice, Act II reveals that his is the fate of countless unfortunate souls as he joins into their shared lament before he comes to a bitter and humbling insight in Act III.

Borne on an ostinato riff and flailed forward by raging drums and hypnotic guitar leads, lead singer Jordan Cutajar perfectly delivers this stirring account with his unmistakable voice. The œuvre is capped off by the claustrophobic cover artwork which places the viewer’s mind-set squarely into the encumbering theme of this song.

MARCH OF THE SAINTS is being released as a stand-alone digital single only. – But you surely will agree that it would make a darned fine intro tape once Rainforce gets to hit the stages again, would it not?

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